List of Improved Oil Recovery projects at ONGC

Vol 6, PW 5 (08 May 02) Exploration & Production

MOST OIL COMPANIES will eventually face this problem but for ONGC it has become acute: most of its oilfields are in a state of natural production decline.

To combat the decline ONGC has begun Improved Recovery Schemes in up to two dozen of its worst hit properties. The most high profile of these are the Mumbai High North and Mumbai High South redevelopment schemes, which together will cost Rs8, 185cr ($1.71bn).

For details of these projects and their completion schedules see below: ONGC's IOR projects worth more than Rs100cr Schemes Capital expenditure Incremental oil (million tonnes) Incremental gas (billion cubic metres) Completion schedule Profile period Mumbai High North Rs2, 929.4cr ($610m) 24.8 5.85 December 2005 2000-01 to 2029-30 Mumbai High South Rs5, 255.97cr ($1.1bn) 35.95 9.63 July 2007 Same as above IOR-Neelam Rs347.69cr ($72.3m) 2.06 1.23 July 2003 2000-01 to 2019-20 IOR-Gandhar Rs473.23cr ($98.54m) 4.34 1.51 December 2004 Same as above Heera and South Heera fields Rs309.08cr ($64.38m) 3.19 0.55 January 2004 2003-04 to 2019-20 Gandhar redevelopment Rs385.99cr ($80.21m) 4.69 4.65 December 2004 2000-01 to 2019-20 IOR Rudrasagar Rs113.87cr ($23.54m) 1.38 Nil March 2006 2001-02 to 2019-20 IOR Geleki Rs390.09cr ($81.25m) 3.94 Nil 2006-07 Same as above IOR Lakhwa-Lakhmani Rs277.20cr ($57.71m) 4.94 Nil Same as above Same as above IOR Kalol Rs99.67cr ($20.61m) 2.65 Nil March 2005 Same as above ONGC has another nine IOR projects that are costing less than Rs100cr ($20.8m). These are: Sanand, Santhal in-fill, Santhal in-situ combustion, Balol in-situ combustion, Sobhasan, Jotana, North Kadi phase-I and North Kadi Phase-II.