Ranjit Dutta takes over as Oil India chairman

Vol 6, PW 5 (08 May 02) News in Brief

He knows nothing about the upstream sector but he does know how to run a company.

On 1st May Ranjit Dutta replaced B.B Sharma as Oil India chairman and managing director.

Dutta's last job was managing director of Bharat Petroleum's Numaligarh Refineries, which he helped set up in the lawless jungles of Assam. In his first meeting with Oil India's top management in Delhi, he readily admitted he has no upstream experience.

A source who attended tells us: "Dutta said he does not know much about the subject and that he is absolutely new to upstream. He said his role is that of a facilitator and that the ego of the company is more important than that of individuals or groups within it." How does he come across "Very balanced, approachable and without any hang-ups."