Gas activity at GAIL in January this year

Vol 6, PW 4 (24 Apr 02) News in Brief

For a snapshot of GAIL's marketing activity in any given month take a look at results from January this year.

Company figures reveal GAIL supplied an average 61.6m cm/d to customers, with 21.7m cm/d going to the fertiliser sector, 22.38m cm/d for the power sector and the balance 17.52m cm/d for the steel and other sectors. We also learn that in January GAIL received on average 9.92m cm/d from the country's joint venture companies: 1.94m cm/d from the Cairn operated Ravva field; 5.21m cm/d from the BG operated Tapti field and 2.57m cm/d from Panna and Mukta, also operated by BG.

In southern India GAIL signed a contract with Regency Ceramics for the supply of 275,000 cm/d from ONGC's Kuttalam field in the Cauvery basin.