Time to give the DGH more money and power

Vol 6, PW 2 (27 Mar 02) Exploration & Production

BELOW ARE SEVERAL extracts from the report.

In it the DGH comes out with flying colours, while the oil ministry and state oil companies are portrayed as villains. "In response to a specific query of the Committee whether the regulatory functions of DGH are functioning freely, Director DGH informed us that the Regulatory Authority was not functioning fully because there was a small number of staff and guidelines have not been incorporated in Regulatory Act.

They also informed that the DGH has submitted certain suggestions to the ministry (which have not been implemented)." "The Committee appreciates the excellent efforts of the Directorate General of Hydrocarbons in the field of exploration, particularly the survey work. Their superior quality of data and availability of entire information in data packages, CD-ROMs and also on international website has attracted national as well as international companies to participate in E&P activities in new prospects of Indian basin.

The Committee also desires that the government should not devote more time in administrative formalities for approval of the data and proposals received from DGH for various prospects "The Committee observes that the work of the DGH has become of great importance. The Committee finds that DGH has not been given full organisational strength to fulfil its responsibilities and functions.

The Committee therefore recommends that DGH is organisationally strengthened and paucity of funds is not allowed to come in their way so that the Directorate may be able to perform their work efficiently. The Committee also desires that national oil companies should work in tandem with the advices of DGH particularly in respect of reservoir management schemes (this was a dig at ONGC).

At present the data is collected by DGH but they don't have even seismic data analysis facility with them. In this age of computers, data management plays a very important role.

The Committee therefore recommends that the government should develop archival practices for data management independently or with DGH within a shortest possible time "The Committee regrets to note that there is a little progress in spreading the exploration activities in all the basins from the side of the national oil companies. DGH has done very good job in exploration in deep water in Andaman area and in some frontier areas.

Area for 3D surveys have been increased but not to the desired extent. Similarly no significant achievement has been made in case of reservoir management also.

The Committee therefore desires that the government should not ignore the priorities fixed to be achieved during a particular five year plan rather those should be reflected in the policies of the government and followed under the prescribed time frame. In view of present failure, the government should analyse the reasons for such performance in each field and prepare a time-bound programme to be completed during the next five year plan to prevent such failures in future "The Committee is happy to note that during the last several years, Directorate General of Hydrocarbons has completed a huge task by covering the entire offshore areas through Satellite Gravity Surveys.

These surveys have given valuable clues and have provided inputs for the preparation of a hydrocarbon prospect of these areas. In view of this fact, the Committee desires that the government should utilise the services/expertise of DGH and assign them the work of extensive survey of onland areas also."