Ram Naik launches NELP-III on 27th March

Vol 6, PW 2 (27 Mar 02) News in Brief

By the time you open this issue of PETROWATCH on Wednesday 27th March India's oil minister Ram Naik will have pressed a button in the Press Information Bureau hall on the first floor of Shastri Bhawan to launch round three of the New Exploration Licensing Policy.

Of the 27 blocks on offer, three will be new, the rest recycled from earlier bidding rounds. The first 'roadshow' for embassies and companies with offices in India is in Delhi on Wednesday 9th April.

Overseas roadshows begin on 27-28th May in Singapore; 6-7th June in London; 10-11th June in Houston and 13-14th in Calgary. Unlike NELP-II,no roadshow is planned for Sydney or Tokyo.