Oil ministry plans to launch NELP-IV in January 2003

Vol 6, PW 11 (31 Jul 02) News in Brief

We still don't know what the response to NELP-III will be but the oil ministry has already begun work on preparing for NELP-IV.

We understand current plans are to launch this round in January next year. The DGH has sent a list of 54 blocks to ONGC and 67 blocks to Oil India with a request for data.

Important to note, however, is that these are only tentative lists. So far we understand the DGH has only identified 26 blocks for NELP-IV.

Six of these blocks already have DGH seismic while ONGC and Oil India have data for the rest. The idea is to ensure that blocks earmarked by the DGH do not overlap with blocks for which ONGC or Oil India already have petroleum exploration licences and petroleum mining licences.

Simultaneously, the oil ministry is collecting information on overseas models of how to organise an ongoing "open acreage" system after NELP-IV.