Dahej marches ahead slowly but steadily

Vol 6, PW 1 (13 Mar 02) Midstream & Downstream

AT DAHEJ ITSELF construction work at the site of the terminal is moving ahead slowly but steadily, albeit with a few minor delays which, a source tells us, are "being taken care of." For example overall actual progress till end-January was 22.8% against the planned target of 30.1%, even though some 2,800 workers are on site.

Where is the slippage Engineering, procurement and construction delays, we are told. An 'overall recovery plan' is being put in place to arrest the slippage.

There are some bright spots also: entire annular and central base slabs for both LNG tanks completed. More than half of the wall for the first LNG tank and about a quarter of that for the second LNG tank completed.

In addition, bending of all 912 H-beams and the Perlite concrete block casting has been completed. For more details, read on: Barbed wire is now being fixed on the boundary wall Fabrication of 144 out of 536 piles for the jetty completed Fifty four piles have been driven for approach trestle Twenty out of 147 pre-cast capping beams completed, 108 out of 850 roadway deck slabs have been pre-cast and 33 out of 361 pre-stressed beam castings have been completed Of the 250 key plans and drawings received for the LNG tankers, comments on 222 have been sent to Daewoo Shipbuilding who remain on target to deliver the first ship on 16th December 2003 and the second one the same day a year later.

We learn the 'novation agreement' and the supplementary to the two time charter agreements were signed with shipping consortium Mitsui OSK Lines on 24th January Representatives of port consultant Port Autonome Nantes Saint Lazare have begun work to select a port operator