Expect more changes at Shastri Bhawan

Vol 6, PW 1 (13 Mar 02) News in Brief

Ravi Saxena's old job is not the only one to have a new incumbent.

PETROWATCH learns that additional secretary Naresh Narad has been 'empanelled' to be a secretary in the federal government. When will he move out of Shastri Bhawan "In the next three or six months," a source tells us.

"His name figures on a list of other bureaucrats." Joint secretary refineries Shivraj Singh is also due to return to his parent cadre of Chhattisgarh state in six months time. We are told Singh is keen to move out of Shastri Bhawan but the nitty-gritty of APM dismantling will not see that happen for another year.

"He wants to move out, but is unlikely to be relieved till March 2003."