ONGC rig stuck in mud offshore West Bengal

Vol 10, PW 1 (04 May 06) News in Brief

One of ONGCs charter-hire rigs have got stuck in the West Bengal offshore seabed.

PETROWATCH learns that sometime last month 300-feet jack-up Transocean Nordic was pulling up its legs in preparation to move out of NELP-II block WB-OSN-2000/1 to another block. Of the rigs three legs, one was pulled out successfully while the two back legs could not be retrieved, as they seemed to have got stuck in the soft soil.

Despite the best efforts of the crew, they were unable to pull up the back legs. Help was called for and, we are told, ONGC is trying several methods to extricate the rig.

One of the methods used is directing high-pressure jets of water at the stricken legs to cut away the mud and clay. Sand blasting is also being used to free the area around the sunken legs.

ONGC has also sought assistance from experts of rig owner Transocean. Despite all these efforts, it is still not certain how much more time it will take to free the rig.

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