ONGC offers 'nomination' work to Paradigm and Landmark

Vol 7, PW 15 (08 Oct 03) News in Brief

So satisfied is ONGC with work done by Paradigm Geophysical and Halliburton subsidiary Landmark that it's set to offer the two companies more work on a nomination basis.

ONGC wants Paradigm to give a second opinion ('validate') on seismic from nine western offshore blocks: KS-8, GS-DW-1, GS-DW-5, H-1, SM-82, SM-84, West of BR-DW-4, BR-DW-1 and KKC. From Landmark, ONGC wants a second opinion on seismic shot and interpreted over four eastern offshore prospects: GM-F-1, GM-2/5/6, WB-OSN-Area 1 and WB-OSN-Area 2.

Paradigm will evaluate 122,920-km and Landmark Graphics will interpret 78,771-km. ONGC estimates the cost per line km for Paradigm is $36.35 while that for Landmark is $28.9 per line km.

Paradigm's new contract will be worth $4.51m while Landmark stands to receive $2.28m at a total cost to ONGC of $6.79m.