Ram Naik orders sugar-sweetened petrol in two more states

Vol 7, PW 15 (08 Oct 03) News in Brief

Oil minister Ram Naik remains as enthusiastic as ever about selling ethanol (derived from sugarcane) blended petrol across the country.

On 1st October, Naik announced that the project would be extended to Madhya Pradesh and Uttaranchal from 1st January 2004, "considering the benefits of ethanol-petrol blending programme to sugarcane producing farmers." Ethanol supplies to Madhya Pradesh will be made from Naik's home state Maharashtra and to Uttaranchal from Uttar Pradesh. Both states are major sugarcane producers.

Naik said Goa, Haryana, Maharashtra and Punjab as well as the union territories of Chandigarh and Dadar & Nagar Hovel, "have now been fully covered by the supply of ethanol-blended petrol." He said most districts of Karnataka, Gujarat and Andhra Pradesh states have also been fully covered. The government is committed, Naik said, "to ensure full coverage of the country by 2004".

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