September launch for Shell's Hazira LNG terminal

Vol 7, PW 12 (27 Aug 03) News in Brief

Next month Shell will announce a public launch of its 5m t/y LNG terminal and port at Hazira in Gujarat.

Actual construction work began in February 2002 with dredging of the shallow seas off Hazira. But Shell now feels it has done enough work for the project to be unveiled to the public.

"The project now looks somewhat close to completion," reveals a Shell source. "We want to show everybody that the project is going on and is on time.

The roof of the second LNG storage tank was raised early this month and the project will be completed in the second quarter of 2004." Shell's global gas and power business chief Malcolm Brinded will attend the launch. A firm date is yet to be finalised.

"It depends on the convenience of the dignitaries who will be called." Shell wants to invite deputy prime minister LK Advani as chief guest, with oil minister Ram Naik and Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi. Tentative plans are to have the launch on 17th, 18th or 19th September.