GAIL chairman Banerjee sees no hope for gas from Bangladesh

Vol 7, PW 9 (16 Jul 03) News in Brief

If GAIL chairman and managing director Proshanto Banerjee is to be believed there's no hope of India getting any gas from Bangladesh.

Banerjee is learnt to have expressed his views on the subject during a 6th-7th July closed-door meeting in Delhi with senior GAIL managers. "Forget about gas imports from Bangladesh.

This whole issue has become political and we will not get gas from that country. I am sure about that," Banerjee was quoted as having replied to a question.

Banerjee, however, is more hopeful of gas from Myanmar reaching India via Bangladesh especially since ties between Myanmar and Bangladesh have been steadily improving over the past three years. Last week Bangladesh assured Myanmar foreign minister Win Aung that it would not allow its territory to be used by Myanmar rebel groups.

"Bangladesh might find it profitable to allow Myanmar to lay a pipeline through that country to facilitate gas exports to India," Banerjee told GAIL officials.

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