Tractebel thinks Dabhol in good working condition

Vol 7, PW 22 (28 Jan 04) People & Policy

With resolution of the Dabhol crisis in sight, PETROWATCH can reveal a confidential report prepared by Tractebel Engineering & Consultants Pvt Ltd for NM Rothschild, advisors to Indian lenders.

This 40-page report was submitted by Tractabel in September 2003 and is a mine of exclusive information on the technical condition of the 2,184-MW power project. According to the report, the plant has been preserved satisfactorily and is ready for a re-start.

Actual restart activities (pre-commissioning and commissioning) based on experience from the commissioning of other similar plants in India is estimated at about 2-3 months, writes Tractebel. The estimated cost of restart of the 740-MW Phase I is about Rs68cr ($14.46m) including $1.2m in foreign exchange.

We only noted the gas turbine control system to be non-operational as the process chip of the Mark V control system is unavailable on site. The process chip is crucial as it controls the computerised operations of the entire power plant.

As a fall back situation, adopting the Mark V control system installed in Block 2 (Phase II) to work with Phase I can be explored. Adds Tractebel.

Practically, all the drawings, documents and manuals were found to be unavailable at site. Most of these, says Tractebel, such as control programme and logics, drawings, schematics, O&M manuals, manufacturers catalogues, construction and commissioning logs, performance test reports, are important and required for re-start.

Tractebel highlights the need for a spares inventory as crucial for the re-start and sustained operations of the plant. The spares needed are: Insurance spares, long lead spares and consumable spares.

In our opinion, this is a major activity and needs to be completed before an assessment can be made of additional spares required. Tractabel also suggests that inventory would be needed to be first updated, then classified and later linked with various equipment catalogues and O&M manuals.