Any new owner must work with GE and Bechtel

Vol 7, PW 22 (28 Jan 04) People & Policy

Its not easy to restart a power plant that hasnt produced a single mega watt of electricity in the last 32 months.

Tractebel mentions a range of issues that need to be addressed prior to any re-start of Phase-I. These include: a review and assessment of the technical feasibility of the restart, refurbishment of the plant, technical documentation and others.

Tractebel also suggests an independent view on O&M and a fuel management arrangement with National Thermal Power Corporation. Tractebel also wants a review and independent view of any interim power purchase agreement with MSEB for the sale of power.

According to Tractabel: There is a need for significant manpower to man different stations, debug, rectify and locate any snags and problems that might be encountered. It adds: Commissioning (must) be entrusted to manufacturer GE with supervision by (a) restart agency for at least the gas turbine units.

On the engineering, procurement and construction of the plant, Tractabel admits it has not reviewed the contract for Phase I. Also listed is follow-up action for ongoing liabilities such as GEs plans to upgrade the plant with modifications to the gas turbines and the repair of defects covered by the warrantee.

Tractabel also gives a technical summary of three critical components of the plant: Gas Turbine Units, Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSG) and the cooling tower. According to Tractebel, the gas turbine units (IA and IB) experienced operational problems between May 1999 and June 2001.

Tractebel suggests that the gas turbines are opened and the rotor condition checked. It is recommended to take the opinion of the manufacturer, who was intimately involved in repair and resolution of operational problems, says Tractebel.

Tractebel believes the HRSGs are well preserved. Finally, Tractebel tells us that the chemical coating of the cooling tower has eroded and that it needs to be refurbished.

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