Saipem goes to Supreme Court for return of Perro Negro-3

Vol 7, PW 7 (18 Jun 03) News in Brief

India's Supreme Court has begun hearing an appeal by drilling contractor Saipem of Italy demanding the immediate return of its Perro Negro-3 drilling rig.

Saipem's appeal is against a Bombay High Court order on 21st February favouring ONGC and Jindal Drilling who insist on keeping Perro Negro-3 to compensate the period of its allegedly unauthorised absence from Indian waters on a contract with sister company Agip in Iran. ONGC argues Saipem kept Perro Negro-3 away from Indian waters for 322 days while on contract with ONGC through Jindal Drilling.

ONGC wants the rig to remain in India for nine months and five days to 18th September 2003 to compensate for the absence. Three hearings have so far taken place and the next one is due on 18th July.

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