ONGC wants to junk two ageing Assam rigs

Vol 7, PW 3 (23 Apr 03) News in Brief

ONGCs Assam bosses want to junk two 'Type-1' onshore drilling rigs: E-760-4 and E-760-6, valued at Rs3.95 lakh ($8,330.55) and Rs3.14 lakh ($6,622.26).

ONGC believes the rigs have deteriorated so much they are "not worthy" of deployment for a drilling operation. ONGCs rig life criteria says rigs in the 'Type-1' category must be "laid off" once they are 18 years old and have drilled 100,000 metres.

Rig E-760-4 is almost 18 years old and has drilled 97,784 metres; rig E-760-6 has drilled 94,405 metres and is 17 years old. These rigs are not in a good physical condition and some of the useful equipment has been utilised in other rigs," admits ONGC.

"No useful purpose will be served through induction of new technology and equipment."