IOC scouts for upstream consultants

Vol 24, PW 15 (17 Jun 21) News in Brief

IndianOil wants to hire two Delhi-based E&P consultants to provide technical support for its small but significant portfolio of upstream assets where it holds 100%.

On June 10 (2021), IOC released newspaper adverts for a geologist and drilling engineer. Anyone interested must be aged below 65 by the June 30 (2021) application deadline.

IOC wants the drilling consultant to have a minimum of 20 years of experience. Whoever wins will help IOC plan and execute drilling operations, design wells and hire rigs.

He (or she) will also review and supervise the work of project consultants for drilling operations, notably at its Umatara field at DSF-2 block AA/ONDSF/Umatara/2018, where it is poised to begin a three-well drilling programme. IOC is also looking for a consultant geologist (on the same terms) to evaluate and improve its FDPs.

Whoever it selects will carry out G&G evaluation for prospect assessment, reserves estimates and risk analysis. Also included is 2D-3D and logging data interpretation to generate production profiles and field development strategies.

On offer for each consultant is Rs10,000/day ($136) for a one-year contract with a minimum of 150 days, extendable by two years. Other than AA/ONDSF/Umatara/2018, IOC holds 100% operator stakes at the CY-ONHP-2018/1, AA/ONDSF/Jeraipathar/2016, GK/OSDSF/KD/2016 and VN/ONDSF/Nohta/2016 blocks.