GSPC loses industry pipeline veteran Bose Babu

Vol 24, PW 10 (08 Apr 21) People & Policy

GSPC has lost one of its most experienced pipeline staff amid an avalanche of recrimination and anger.

After more than 20 years with the company, executive director and technical services N Bose Babu resigned his position as head of GSPC pipeline subsidiary Gujarat State Petronet on March 1 (2020). Bose Babu left after what GSPC insiders describe as an ego clash with CJ Macwan, a retired Gujarat government bureaucrat working as an advisor to GSPC managing director Sanjeev Kumar.

"For a few weeks, there was an angry exchange of emails between them (Babu and Macwan)," says a source. "It became really bad; everyone in the (GSPC) group was talking about it."

Aged 53 (DOB: July 4, 1967), Bose Babu joined GSPL on December 1 (2000) and has since cultivated an industry-wide reputation as an expert in the gas transmission and pipeline business. In addition to his position at GSPL, he was appointed executive director of the former BG-owned but now GSPC-controlled gas retailer Gujarat Gas on February 19 (2020).

But hardly six months later, he was demoted to head the much less significant GSPL India Transco Ltd (GITL) as CEO on the apparent instigation of Macwan. A GSPC source reports that simmering tension between the two men came to a head during a Gujarat Gas purchase committee meeting, where Bose Babu still had a role.

"He (Macwan) angrily called Babu and asked him why he was absent from the meeting?" we hear. "Bose Babu replied he already had another technical meeting going on and could not attend."

Our source adds: "Bose Babu is competent in his work, but the truth is he is also a very proud man and did not appreciate Macwan's tone." Still unclear is in which company Bose Babu will end up after GSPL.

"Nobody knows where he is going," says a source. "Senior people never divulge this until they join their new organisation."

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