Hard to find member legal at PNGRB

Vol 23, PW 22 (10 Sep 20) News in Brief

Hopefully, it's second time lucky for the oil ministry which re-advertised the member legal post at the PNGRB on August 28, vacant since SS Chahar retired on March 19 (2020).

A source tells us the oil ministry advertised the position again because not enough suitable candidates applied after its last advertisement on February 29 (2020). "Only seven applied last time," we hear.

"And the ministry did not find anyone suitable." According to the eligibility criteria, a candidate must have experience and qualifications equivalent to a high court judge.

History is repeating itself. In 2017, the ministry tried to fill the post but had to advertise twice as it did not receive enough applications.

This time candidates must send in applications by September 20 (2020). In February, the ministry also advertised the posts of PNGRB chairman, member monitoring and member infrastructure and technical.

PNGRB chairman DK Sarraf retires on December 3 (2020), while member infrastructure and technical Satchidananda Rath retired on May 18 (2020), leaving only Satpal Garg as member commercial; Garg retires in August 2021. The member monitoring position is vacant since PK Bishnoi retired on July 1 (2016).