Adanis go shopping in China for CGD equipment

Vol 8, PW 3 (05 May 04) News in Brief

Gujarat Adani Energy is looking to China for gas-based home appliances for its future customers in Ahmedabad and Vadodara.

A team from Adani visited China from 15th to 24th April scouting for companies manufacturing gas-based appliances such as water geysers and air conditioners. We have begun talks with a local manufacturer in China and might do a deal if the price is right, a company source tells PETROWATCH.

Adani plans to start commercial gas supplies by 30th June to its first industrial customer: Arvind Mills, a denim manufacturer in Naroda, Ahmedabad. We have already laid 6-km of the 14-km pipeline to Arvind Mills, adds a source.

In Vadodara (Baroda), meanwhile, Adani confirms that it has completed the mechanical laying of a 13-km pipeline. Metering of the gas station is in progress right now, he said.

We hope to supply gas to Vadodara by end of this month.