Positive indications from ONGCآ’s deepwater logs

Vol 8, PW 4 (19 May 04) Exploration & Production

Transoceans accident has not dampened the spirits of ONGCs deepwater drilling team, which is anxiously waiting for good news from Schlumberger and its in-house geologists.

Expectations are high that the well Transocean was drilling before the accident might result in a significant find. We have identified some good looking zones in the well drilled by Seven Seas at this location, an elated ONGC official tells PETROWATCH.

The well is now into production testing and the logs are giving strong indications of hydrocarbons. Shortly before the accident, Discover Seven Seas had drilled up to 3, 950 metres, slightly beyond its target depth of 3, 941metres.

But ONGC must now wait until Seven Seas resumes operations and positions itself back on the same well. This will take some time, adds ONGC.

After the drillship resumes its position, ONGC will perforate the well. We have found some interesting zones in the 9 5/8 casing.

These will be tested first. This will be followed by removal of the 13 3/8 casing for testing.

First indications from the log reports give ONGC confidence that it might have encountered movable hydrocarbons in good volumes and pressure. We are keeping our fingers crossed, ONGC tells this report.

If the KG basin can give something to Reliance it can give something to us as well. Yet if the results are negative, as with Belford Dolphin in the western offshore, Seven Seas will plug the well and move on to location KD-3-1.

In this location we have located a prospect which is known as basin floor fan prospect, reveals a source. This means the drillship will have to drill a deviating well.

KG-OS-DW (KDAE) sits in water depths of 1,100 metres to 1,800 metres. On the west coast, meanwhile, Belford Dolphin is getting closer to its target depth without any sign of success.

By16th May, Belford had drilled up to water depths of 4, 647 metres, still short of its 6, 553 metres target depth, in deepwater location DW-RO-1A in Gulf of Kutch.

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