Oil India targets Rajasthan block from OALP-4

Vol 22, PW 23 (05 Sep 19) Exploration & Production

If you're thinking of bidding for Rajasthan block RJ-ONHP-2019/1 offered under the just-launched OALP-4 round, think again! Oil India is determined to have this block for itself.

A senior Oil India source tells us the company will bid for RJ-ONHP-2019/1 - one of seven blocks offered on August 27. "Oil India generated (carved out) this block (RJ-ONHP-2019/1) so will get five extra points when bidding," he explains.

"Our exploration and development office in Delhi is yet to finalise which other blocks to bid for." Strategically located, RJ-ONHP-2019/1 is sandwiched between two other Oil India blocks: RJ-ONHP-2017/8 (OALP-1) and RJ-ONHP-2018/2 (OALP-3).

"These blocks are contiguous," he adds. "This will be an advantage if we get (OALP-4 block RJ-ONHP-2019/1) it."

All three blocks are spread across Jaisalmer and Bikaner districts in the Bikaner-Nagaur basin. "These blocks are not very close to the Pakistan border," he says.

"But the entire region does border Pakistan." Under OALP-4, seven onland blocks are on offer covering 18,510-sq km in West Bengal, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan.

Oil India already holds 21 blocks won under OALP-1, OALP-2 and OALP-3. On the same day as the OALP-4 launch on August 27 in Delhi, Oil India secured seven PELs from the Assam government for OALP-1 blocks AA-ONHP-2017/10, AA-ONHP-2017/12, AA-ONHP-2017/13, AA-ONHP-2017/16, AA-ONHP-2017/17, AA-ONHP-2017/18 and AA-ONHP-2017/20.

Exploration is slated to begin in the good weather window from October 2019.