Tripathi's retirement 'gift’ to GAIL staff

Vol 22, PW 21 (08 Aug 19) News in Brief

On his last day in office on July 31, it was not all tears for BC Tripathi.

Hours before stepping down, the outgoing GAIL chairman surprised staff by increasing their accident and health coverage under the company's post-retirement medical scheme with notices from the HR department. Retired chairmen and directors will get up to Rs100,000 ($1416) reimbursed for out-patient appointments, up from Rs50,000 ($708) earlier.

Other retired employees will see their allowances doubled. Similar is for the prolonged treatment of diseases: retired chairmen and directors can claim up to Rs200,000 ($2831) against Rs100,000 earlier; other employees will also see their allowances doubled.

Any GAIL employee can also now claim back between Rs500 ($7) and Rs1000 ($14) for a specialist consultation. For Ayurvedic and homeopathic treatments revised amounts range from Rs250 ($3.5) to Rs350 ($5).

Finally, any employee can now claim benefits for a son who has a permanent disability until he starts earning or gets married, against the earlier age limit of 30. Nothing is said about daughters with a permanent disability, leading some to ask if GAIL needs to think harder about gender equality?