Oil India in hurry to shoot OALP seismic

Vol 22, PW 15 (16 May 19) News in Brief

Oil India has extended the bid deadline from May 14 to May 21 for three seismic tenders across five OALP-1 blocks in Assam and Arunachal Pradesh with a word of warning to contractors.

"No requests for any "deviation’ will be accepted," insists a source in Duliajan. "Accepting "deviations’ would mean going back to management to change the bidding norms and this is time-consuming.

Our decision to extend the deadline is only to attract more bidders." A second Oil India source adds the company is in a hurry to conclude this tender so it can begin shooting 880-lkm 2D and 225-sq km 3D surveys across the Namsai (AA-ONHP-2017/16), Chongkham (AAONHP-2017/13), Pasighat (AA-ONHP-2017/17), Namrup-Borhat (AA-ONHP-2017/20) and West MECHAKI (AA-ONHP-2017/12) blocks by October this year (2019) at the start of the six-month weather window.

"No further queries or requests for extension shall be entertained," states Oil India on its website. "Time is of the essence."

Our source adds Oil India will also rely heavily on "legacy’ seismic data from the National Data Repository (NDR) at the DGH and "analogue’ data from nearby fields to better understand the sub-surface geology of the five assets.