BVishal prepares polymer flooding at Bechraji

Vol 22, PW 11 (21 Mar 19) Exploration & Production

ONGC is hoping to increase oil recovery by up to 10% at its BECHRAJI field in Gujarat after it begins injecting polymer-augmented water into the reservoir beginning end-March (2019).

Mehsana-based BVishal Oil & Energy is preparing to begin polymer flooding designed to increase mobility between injected water and oil for better reservoir sweep efficiency under an ONGC contract won on October 12, 2018 for this Mehsana asset field. This report visited the facility designed by Russia's SNK on an invitation from BVishal which set it up with a target to begin work within eight months of award or by June 12 (2019).

"We are starting the project ahead of schedule," confirms a BVishal source. "ONGC is laying a small pipeline (from the BECHRAJI GGS-II group gathering station) to the wells to carry the polymers.

ONGC tells us it will be ready by March 25. Water and electricity will be provided by ONGC."

BVishal has built four tanks to hold water from the field which will have the impurities in it reduced at the rate of 10 cm/ hour to less than than 10 parts per million. Two grams of polymers will be mixed in every litre of water and held in the tanks for two hours to mature before use.

This mix will be injected into four wells at the field at 60-kg/cubic metre pressure. "There are four injectors and one producer," adds BVishal.