Oil India extends bid deadline for 5 onland rigs

Vol 22, PW 8 (07 Feb 19) Exploration & Production

Oil India is hoping to receive bids from a wider range of companies for its tender to hire five onland drilling rigs where it has extended the deadline from January 29 to February 13.

Oil India is offering three-year contracts for a 'firm' requirement of four 2000-hp rigs along with top drives, Blow Out Preventers and drill pipes that can drill beyond 4000 metres to be deployed in Assam, Upper Assam and Arunachal Pradesh. Also offered is an optional three-year contract for a fifth 2000-hp rig.

"Oil India has yet to issue the minutes of the pre-bid held in September," says a driller. "That's why the deadline has been extended.

We expect a further extension as Oil India will give an additional three weeks after the pre-bid minutes are uploaded." Oil India, he adds, has included a condition that each drilling company can only offer three rigs so a wider range of companies participate in the race.

Among those expected to bid are OGD Services (formerly Essar Oilfields Services), Quippo Oil and Gas, GTC Oilfield Services, JayBee Energy and Simplex Infrastructures. Some speculate John Energy might stay away because it is facing a cash crunch.

But a John source refutes this. "We will definitely bid," he says.

"Drilling is our bread and butter." GTC and JayBee also confirmed plans to bid.