ONGC's chief vigilance officer under spotlight

Vol 21, PW 16 (17 May 18) People & Policy

ONGC's chief vigilance officer Dr Akhilesh Kumar Ambasht has flatly denied allegations he took money to promote a contender in the director technology and field services selection.

This report contacted Dr. Ambasht after learning that an anonymous letter-writer by the name of 'Sunil Kumar' who claims to be employed with ONGC in Mumbai made these accusations to the PMO on April 5.

"Why have you called me?" asked Dr. Ambasht, laughing.

"You should have called the accuser and asked him the basis of his complaint. What is the evidence?" Asked about a specific allegation from 'Sunil Kumar' that he accepted payment to clear the name of an unsuccessful contender for the director technology and field services position who has a vigilance case against him, Dr.

Ambasht replied: "This complaint was made to scuttle the candidate's chances. If it weren't for the complaint this candidate would have been selected." 'Sunil Kumar' also alleges that Dr.

Ambasht has "amassed" vast wealth through "deals" since he became chief vigilance officer on April 1, 2014. "Anyone can say anything," adds Dr.

Ambasht. "I can say you have Rs10cr ($1.6m) but what is the basis?" A senior ONGC source tells us he has heard of no-one going by the name 'Sunil Kumar' in ONGC's Mumbai office.

"We don't know anything about this complaint," he adds. "Nor have we received a letter from the PMO or any other department about it."