Angry Shanker snaps at Atanu during meeting

Vol 21, PW 4 (16 Nov 17) People & Policy

Unlike predecessor DK Sarraf, ONGC chairman Shashi Shanker is winning praise for standing up to Atanu Chakraborty, the increasingly overbearing head of the DGH.

An eyewitness tells this report of an incident during a Steering Committee on Gas Hydrates meeting at the oil ministry on October 30 when Chakraborty repeatedly complained that ONGC "is not doing its work properly." At first Shanker said nothing, then a member of his team whispered something. "Chakraborty complained to (oil secretary and the steering committee head) KD Tripathi that ONGC is not sending regular status reports on the National Gas Hydrates Programme (NGHP) on time.

ONGC countered that monthly progress reports are sent on time." Hearing this, Chakraborty turned to a colleague and asked if it was true. "Chakraborty was told ONGC reports were coming in regularly," we hear.

"However, the DGH team complained the reports were not 'presented' properly." When Chakraborty called ONGC unprofessional for not presenting the reports properly Shanker snapped. "He said if the problem was about presentation it could be addressed," we hear.

"At least the data is sent regularly." ONGC sources tell us they were happy to see Shanker challenge Chakraborty. "You should have seen Chakraborty's face," we hear.

"Shanker had the guts to respond. Sarraf would have kept quiet and vented his anger on colleagues."

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