Cairn discovers 300m barrels in new Rajasthan strike

Vol 8, PW 10 (11 Aug 04) News in Brief

Cairn Energy on 10th August announced a fourth significant oil discovery at RJ-ON-90/1 in Rajasthan.

Cairn told the London Stock Exchange the oil was struck in the N-V-1 exploration well, located 18-km west-north-west of the Mangala field, 19-km west-south-west of the N-C discovery, and in close proximity to the existing north-western boundary of the block. Cairn said initial in place oil is estimated at approximately 300m barrels but that the full extent of the structure is unconstrained due to the paucity of seismic data off the block to the north.

Cairn adds the N-V-1 well is operating at a depth of 812 metres and encountered an oil column of 62 metres with an estimated 35 metres of net pay in excellent quality Fatehgarh sands. Flow rates were, limited due to the oil density and viscosity combined with the shallow depth and low pressure of the reservoir.

Specific gravity of the oil: approximately 21 degrees API.