Prabha plans six CBM wells at NK-CBM-2001/1

Vol 20, PW 18 (01 Jun 17) Exploration & Production

Deep Industries subsidiary Prabha Energy is gearing up to begin a 68-well CBM development drilling programme at its NK-CBM-2001/1 block in Jharkhand - 18 months after it 'farmed in' as joint operator with ONGC.

"At least five or six development wells will be drilled in the third quarter (July to September) of this calendar year," confirms a Prabha source. Under the five-year Phase-III development programme, Prabha and ONGC have chalked out plans to drill 68 development and six additional assessment wells, with targeted peak production of 350,000 cm/d.

Prabha's planned development wells will be drilled to 1000 to 1200 metres TD primarily targeting the Barakar formation and coal seams with varying lengths of between 30-90 metres. "All the material and equipment supplies and contracts have been finalised," confirms Prabha.

In October (2016) Prabha invited global EoIs for CBM rigs, logging, perforation, workover, cementation, hydrofrac and production well de-watering services to hire drilling and production materials, buy consumables and hire service contractors, suppliers and consultants for development drilling. Under Phase-I and Phase-II, ONGC drilled two test and six pilot wells and collected nine corehole samples.

Deep told the BSE on January 7, 2016 that ONGC had received oil ministry approval to transfer 25% of its 80% stake in the block along with joint ownership to Prabha. IndianOil holds the remaining 20%.

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