And so too is Reliance E&P chief Naresh Narang

Vol 20, PW 13 (23 Mar 17) People & Policy

Satish Pai is not the only one talked of as a potential contender for ONGC chairman.

The PESB has clarified that executive directors too can apply as their pay scales are at director level. This means ONGC executive directors AJ Morbole, Rajesh Kakkar and SK Moitra stand a chance.

Far away at Reliance HQ in Mumbai however the talk is of Naresh Narang, one of several 'Presidents' of the company's E&P business. "I was at Reliance's (Mumbai) office for meetings last week," reports a contractor.

"Everyone in the E&P division was discussing Narang's likely move to ONGC!" Narang joined Reliance on March 22, 1995 from ONGC where he held superintendent rank. Since then he has been instrumental in the discovery and development of the D1, D3 and MA fields.

A Reliance source describes Narang as a hard taskmaster. "He is intimidating." we are told.

"He also has the attitude of a typical engineer, very focused on detail." Originally from Dehradun, Narang is linked to former ONGC chairman Sudhir Vasudeva. "Vasudeva and Narang are married to two sisters," we hear.

"But Narang never used Vasudeva's position at ONGC to his advantage." Another Reliance source casts doubt on Narang's suitability for the ONGC chairman job. "He has always held technical positions," we hear.

"He doesn't like politics and is not happy dealing with bureaucrats."

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