ONGC planning 74 wells at 21 fields in Assam

Vol 20, PW 12 (09 Mar 17) Exploration & Production

ONGC is planning to spend up to Rs830cr ($124m) to drill 74 exploration wells in Assam's Sivasagar district, which holds some of India's oldest oilfields.

Over the last six decades ONGC has drilled more than 500 wells over this 1019.38-sq km area. And on February 20, 2017 it submitted a pre-feasibility report for permission to drill across 21 fields, with an emphasis on Lakwa, Geleki and Rudrasagar.

Lakwa will see 11 wells drilled for up to Rs45cr ($6.7m) targeting multiple sandstone reservoirs in Paleocene to Miocene age Tipam, Barail and Jainta formations: BLK-B, BDG-A, LK_N-1, LK_N-2, LK_N-3, LK_N-4, LK_N-5, LK_N-6, LK_N-7, LK_N-8 and LK_N-9. Geleki, about 30-km southwest of Lakwa, will see six wells for up to Rs40cr ($6m): BGK-B, BGK_A-ALT, GK_N-1, GK_N-2, GK_N-3 and GK_N-4.

Here "oil accumulation" is established in multiple sandstone reservoirs of the Tipam, Barail and Kopili formations. Rudrasagar will see four wells for up to Rs 40cr: RD_N-1, RD_N-2, RD_N-3, and RD_N-4, targeting Tipam and Barail.

Seven wells are planned at North Rudrasagar; two at Geleki extension; four at Namti; three each at Charali and Charali extension; two at west Charali; two each at Changmaigaon, Changmaigaon east, and Changmaigaon east extension; three at Sonari; four at Banamali; two each at Laiplingaon and Laiplingaon extension; two each at Charaideo Nahorhabi and Charaideo Nahorhabi extension; five at Mekeypore Santak Nazira and four at the extension block; and two at Panidihing.