DDKG-2 to finish Reliance well in Jan 2017

Vol 20, PW 6 (01 Dec 16) News in Brief

Transocean deepwater drillship DDKG-2 will be released from its Reliance well in January 2017 and not by December 15 as originally planned.

Blame this on delays starting workover operations at deepwater well KG D6-MA2-ST at the MA oilfield in water depths of 1250 metres. It began only on November 14 after technical teams pulled out the well plug.

Earlier attempts failed due to technical problems with the casing and the Lower Marine Riser Puller. Work over is now likely to be completed only in January after which the rig will cross the Bay of Bengal to offshore Myanmar for a four-firm, four-optional well, one-year drilling assignment with Woodside Petroleum.

When DD KG-2 moves out, Reliance will have no offshore rig working for it. Meanwhile, Transocean semi Jack Bates is at the eastern offshore deepwater S1 field drilling development well KG-OSN-DW-S-AC for ONGC.

On November 25 the Blow Out Preventer was latched to the wellhead after which drilling will resume. The well was 'spud' on November 10 at 1.30am in water depths of 410 metres.

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