Ex-IGL chief Narendra Kumar under investigation

Vol 19, PW 24 (11 Aug 16) People & Policy

Former Indraprastha Gas managing directors are getting dragged into anti-corruption investigations one after another.

After M. Ravindran it's now the turn of GAIL executive director Narendra Kumar to be scrutinised by GAIL's intrepid chief vigilance officer Rajesh Ranjan.

In July the oil ministry gave Ranjan the green signal to serve a show cause notice on Kumar who was IGL chief from April 2013 to May 2016 but today sits in GAIL head office as executive director corporate planning. "Several complaints were received against Kumar alleging misconduct during his tenure at GAIL before coming to IGL (Indraprastha)," reveals a ministry source.

"Ranjan was given permission to serve a show cause notice only after the ministry was convinced that Kumar has a case to answer." As with Ravindran precise details of the allegations against Kumar are difficult to obtain but it's believed they are connected with the sale of piped gas to customers. Ranjan submitted his report on the allegations against Kumar in early July.

"The ministry asked for more evidence," we hear. "Ranjan sent a team of investigating officers to collect evidence against Kumar before submitting his report again.

Seeing the evidence, the ministry cleared the show cause notice." Calls made to Kumar weren't returned. He texted back saying he was in a meeting and would call later but didn't.