Advent wins Oil India 3D Karbi job

Vol 19, PW 21 (30 Jun 16) News in Brief

Oil India is expected to issue a LoA in the coming days to Gurgaon-based seismic contractor Advent Oilfield Services for a 396-sq km 3D shoot at AA-ONN-2010/2 in the dangerous Karbi Anglong district of Assam.

When Oil India opened price bids on June 17 Advent quoted Rs93cr ($13.7m) followed in second place by Geotech of Russia which quoted Rs105cr ($15.4m) and in third place by Asian Oilfield which quoted Rs111cr ($16.3m). "Advent quoted very aggressively," says a source.

"Oil India had budgeted Rs140cr ($21m) for this project." Geotech's low bid was also a surprise. "Most people thought the race was between Advent and Asian Oilfield," he adds.

"But Asian bid much too high." Advent, a relative newcomer to the Indian seismic business, has begun talks with sub-contractors to carry out the assignment at AA-ONN-2010/2, most of which sits in a protected forest area and is home to the Karbi People's Liberation Tiger group with a penchant for kidnapping oil workers. On February 15, Oil India issued a limited tender to eight pre-qualified contractors.