Multiple gas leaks plugged on Dahej pipeline

Vol 19, PW 18 (19 May 16) Midstream & Downstream

GAIL and Petronet-LNG are trying hard not to think about what might have happened if two sudden gas leaks in a forested area near the Dahej terminal had been in an urban area.

PETROWATCH learns the DVPL-1 pipeline sprung two leaks within just two weeks from the same welded joint, the first on March 31 and the second on April 13. This happened at the tap-off point where the main R-LNG evacuation pipeline from Dahej connects with DVPL-1.

"This is a high pressure pipeline," reports a GAIL source. "Gas gushed out at a pressure of 90 kg bar." Both GAIL and Petronet-LNG discovered the first leak quickly from hissing noises, and switched off valves controlling R-LNG flow through the pipeline.

"We immediately isolated the leak," adds GAIL. A Petronet-LNG source too confirms it acted in time.

Soon however there was a second leak just two weeks later on April 13. "We had to repeat the entire exercise," he adds.

"Gas supplies were restored only on April 16." Fortunately no loss of life or injury was reported unlike in the tragic GAIL pipeline blast in Andhra Pradesh in June 2014. No one is yet blaming Punj Lloyd, which completed this pipeline by February 2004, and subcontracted the pipe-welding to another company.

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