BP helps GSPC with Deen Dayal West fracking

Vol 19, PW 15 (07 Apr 16) Exploration & Production

BP is drawing on its experience of the Khazzan field in Oman, one of the tightest reservoirs in the world, to help GSPC frack the fourth well at Deen Dayal West on India's east coast.

A senior GSPC source is tight-lipped about the exact details of BP's participation such as the manpower and resources committed, or what BP hopes to get from the arrangement. But he confirms BP is reviewing GSPC's activities including hydro fracking, well-completion and well design.

"The initial feedback is very encouraging," he says. "Fracking in the first zone of the fourth well has gone incredibly well." GSPC expects the well will soon begin producing around 50m cf/d (1.4m cm/d) and believes it is on its way to achieving its target of plateau production of 180m to 220m cf/d (5.1m to 6.23m cm/d) from the field after similar fracking is done at the other three wells.

At present the field is producing only 85,000 cm/d from those three wells. "BP is a pioneer in tight gas production," adds our GSPC source.

BP (60% and operator) shares Block 61 in Oman, which holds the Khazzan field, with Oman Oil Company Exploration and Production (40%). A development plan for Khazzan will see BP drill 300 wells over 15 years to achieve plateau production of 28.3m cm/d and increase Oman's total daily gas supply by a third.

First gas is expected in late 2017.