As LEWPP-2 flounders ONGC launches LEWPP-3

Vol 19, PW 13 (10 Mar 16) Exploration & Production

ONGC is embroiled in a damaging dispute with Swiber over its disqualification in an estimated $200m tender to upgrade 43 offshore platforms in the Mumbai Offshore - LEWPP-2.

But that didn't stop it launching the third and final instalment of the project on March 4 - LEWPP-3. Among likely bidders are Abu Dhabi-based NPCC, AFCONS, L&T, SapuraKencana, and unsurprisingly - Swiber.

LEWPP-3 involves the decommissioning, removal and replacement of 10 platform topside decks: four at Mumbai High North and six at Mumbai High South. ONGC optimistically wants to issue the LoA by August 16 with project completion by April 30, 2018.

Unlike LEWPP-1 and 2, LEWPP-3 is a harder job because old topsides must be replaced. "But the good news is there is no subsea work," we hear.

Assuming each platform has 1000 tonnes of steel the project will involve cutting away 10,000 tonnes of steel and replacing it with new steel. ONGC tender documents are on sale till the May 19 bid deadline with a pre-bid scheduled for April 4 and queries to be submitted by March 28.

Four of the 10 unmanned well head platforms whose topsides need to be replaced are water injection platforms: one at Mumbai High North; three at Mumbai High South; the rest are oil and gas production platforms. Swiber will undoubtedly be raising questions about why ONGC didn't resolve the controversy about its LEWPP-2 eligibility before issuing the new tender.

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