Oh what a lovely job to be Oil India chairman!

Vol 19, PW 9 (14 Jan 16) People & Policy

Several mischievous tongues at Oil India will tell you the reason why the oil ministry hasn’t re-advertised the post of chairman is because ministry additional secretary UP Singh is having a great time at the company’s expense.

Singh, a likeable and approachable government bureaucrat, has held additional charge of the Oil India top job since July 1 after SK Srivastava stepped down. But if you believe oil ministry sources the chairman post will be advertised for the fourth time at the end of this month (January).

Three earlier attempts to select a candidate through interviews were unsuccessful, ostensibly because none of the candidates that appplied were good enough. In defence the ministry blames the delay on changes to the job description so Oil India can attract better candidates.

Others say the real reason is UP Singh is reluctant to give up the royal treatment he gets at the company. “At any state-owned oil company the chairman is treated like a king,” reports a company insider.

“He and his family get all the perks, from luxury cars to helpers at home. He doesn't even need to ask - the company’s administration department takes care of everything.

” Singh's time as a bureaucrat in Delhi is drawing to a close. Aged 53, he completes his five-year stint in the capital on April 26, 2016 before returning to his home state.