April start for Vindhyan 4-well campaign

Vol 19, PW 7 (03 Dec 15) News in Brief

ONGC has delayed its plans to begin drilling four 'wildcat' exploration wells at its Vindhyan basin block VN-ONN-2009/3 in Madhya Pradesh until April next year (2016).

ONGC was originally aiming to begin the Rs160cr ($24m) campaign around October this year, soon after the end of the monsoon season. But a senior ONGC source explains it only managed to get environmental clearance on October 27 after submitting detailed answers in July to environment ministry queries.

ONGC now needs to apply for a second six-month extension to Phase-I beyond March 31, 2016. The first well R-HAT-A will be drilled to 2800 metres TD at Luhari village in Damoh district.

This campaign is not to be confused with a separate four-well programme planned at the Damoh-Jabera-Katni PEL. Our ONGC source further clarifies that the environmental clearance is only for exploration not development.

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