Not all the 69 marginal fields have potential

Vol 19, PW 4 (22 Oct 15) People & Policy

There were doubters galore but the government silenced them on October 15 by publishing its much-awaited marginal fields policy with a list of 69 discovered fields on offer.

Everyone will now be dissecting the list to determine which fields hold potential. Six are with Oil India, the rest with ONGC.

Eight are in Andhra Pradesh, one in Arunachal Pradesh, 12 in Assam, five in Gujarat, one in Madhya Pradesh, two in Nagaland, two in Rajasthan, two in Tamil Nadu, 29 in the western offshore and seven on the east coast. Bhimanapalli and Palakollu onshore fields in Andhra are widely believed to have “good gas potential.

” Tynphe in hostile Nagaland has impressive oil production potential but the problem for any company will be shifting oil out of this isolated state. Neduvasal and Karaikal onshore fields in Tamil Nadu can produce up to 25,000 cm/d gas, enough to generate 4-MW of power.

In the western offshore, B 127E-1 is an oil discovery; B-9 a gas discovery; B-37 an oil discovery; B-174 an oil discovery and D-12 an oil discovery. D-18, in water depths of 80-90 metres, has “good quantities” of waxy oil which could be monetised by installing a small FPSO, says a source.

The CD and CA fields are single well discoveries. “CA produced 3000 b/d oil when tested,” we hear.

“CD produced 2000 b/d during testing.”