Gandhar hit by massive water cut

Vol 18, PW 25 (13 Aug 15) News in Brief

ONGC's largest onland producing field Gandhar at the Ankleshwar asset has seen a sharp increase in water cut from 57-75% over the past two years in 250 wells.

So ONGC is scouting for technologies to reduce this water cut and increase oil production beyond current levels of 1200 t/d (8400 b/d). On August 7, ONGC issued a notice inviting EoIs from bidders experienced in 'produced water management' or managing the water cut in the reservoir and in identifying 'bypassed oil in brownfield' or oil which has yet to be tapped.

August 14 is the last date to submit bids. "Gandhar is a multi-layered field," says ONGC.

Gandhar has 'clastic' reservoirs comprising 13 sands designated GS-0 to GS-12 from bottom to top in the Hazad layer of the Ankleshwar formation over which lies Kanwa shale. Gandhar, 70-km west of Ankleshwar town, has been continuously producing since 1986 and is also one of ONGC's oldest fields.

Oil recovery from its major mature layers is in the range of 19-59%.

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