Subsea 7 and Technip compete for S2AB tie-in

Vol 18, PW 25 (13 Aug 15) Exploration & Production

Reliance's inability to spare Olympic Canyon, a multipurpose support vessel, is one of the main reasons ONGC has re-issued the eastern offshore S2AB well tie-in tender, estimated to be worth up to $15m.

Issued on August 4, the S2AB tender is a truncated version of the composite S2AB tie-in plus G1-9 installation tender which closed on March 31 and where ONGC opened price bids on May 14 before scrapping it in June. In this version ONGC wants the selected contractor to hook-up umbilicals and pipelines to the S2AB well.

ONGC scrapped the last tender after radically changing the scope of work. For one thing a problem with the X-Mas tree for the G1-9 installation meant ONGC decided only to go ahead with the S2AB tie-in in 2015-16.

In the previous tender ONGC promised to provide the contractor with Olympic Canyon, sub-contracted from Reliance. But Reliance can't spare the vessel so the contractor must now deploy its own MSV, driving the estimated cost of the S2AB tie-in component up from $2.5m to between $12m and $15m.

Expect bids from Subsea 7, Technip, McDermott International, TL Offshore, Fugro and others for this 20-day assignment which includes repairing the 'main control system' of five G1 wells. A pre-bid will be held on August 17 and documents are on sale until the bid deadline on September 8.

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