When politicians call ONGC jumps to attention

Vol 18, PW 17 (23 Apr 15) People & Policy

Politicians are taking more and more liberties with ONGC and successfully bullying management into obeying every whim and fancy.

"Now we don't just do what the oil ministry tells us," says a company source. "If any MP or MLA or politician calls and asks to transfer any of our officers, either to settle a score or as a favour, nobody refuses."

He adds that more than 2000 company officials have received transfer orders this year. "This is highly unusual," says another source.

"Normally around 800-900 officials get transferred every year. But this time it's more than double because ONGC management is obeying all politicians."

Take the case of ONGC hockey player Vivek Gupta, who works as a senior security officer with the company on a sports quota. Gupta made the mistake of standing up to corruption in the Uttar Pradesh hockey federation.

"Some politician was angry because Gupta raised his voice when non-performers were being inducted into the UP hockey team," we hear. As a result he has been unceremoniously transferred from Delhi to Karaikal for four years, a move that effectively ends his hockey career.

"Our hockey team is based in Delhi," explains a company source. "An active player like Gupta must be stationed in Delhi so he can practice with other active players.

What will he do in Karaikal?"