Aiyar rebukes Naik over KG gas allocation mismatch

Vol 8, PW 18 (01 Dec 04) News in Brief

Oil minister Mani Shankar Aiyar rarely misses an opportunity to rebuke the actions of his predecessor Ram Naik, most recently in a letter to Andhra Pradesh chief minister YSR Reddy.

Aiyar was replying to a request by Reddy for 96, 000 cm/d gas allocation to a ceramics factory. I deeply regret to have to inform you that allocations made by the Gas Linkage Committee during the time of my predecessor have proved widely off the mark, especially in the KG Basin, Aiyar writes.

This is perhaps because of the (previous ruling) National Democratic Alliances attempts to keep the TDP (former Andhra ruling party) in good humour. Aiyar reveals that actual availability of KG gas is only 7.3m cm/d but that allocation is 17.2m cm/d.

Says Aiyar: I just do not know where to look for immediate supplies of additional gas for allocation in the KG Basin. Aiyar adds that additional gas from Reliance is expected from 2007.