OVL preparing 2D tender for Myanmar blocks

Vol 18, PW 11 (29 Jan 15) Exploration & Production

Heavy fighting between Myanmar troops and ethnic Kachin rebels in the northern Phakent area hasn’t deterred OVL from planning 2D at its two blocks.

By March this year OVL is expected to publish a tender for 2000-lkm 2D split between its 16,995-sq km B2 block in northern Myanmar bordering Manipur and its 1650-sq km EP-3 block in central Myanmar. OVL wants the selected contractor to begin work in 2015.

"But the rainy season in Myanmar can delay things," says OVL. “We will award the work this year but it might only be completed next year.

” Myanmar's wet season lasts from May to early October. CGG and Alpha Geo are believed to be interested and industry sources tell us OVL can expect bids from $10,000-$12,000/lkm.

"OVL's blocks are in hilly areas," we hear. "Shooting seismic will be challenging and rates higher.

" Last month (December) OVL appointed Senes Consultants to carry out EIA block studies, which should be ready by May this year (2015). Once completed, OVL will approach Myanmar's ministry of energy to buy any available block data before deciding within 12 months if they are prospective enough for it to continue.

If yes OVL will drill one well at each block but a source cautions: “It’s a long way off before we begin drilling.”