ONGC planning four 'wildcats' in Vindhyan basin

Vol 17, PW 20 (22 May 14) Exploration & Production

ONGC is gearing up to drill four wells at frontier basin block VN-ONN-2009/3 in Madhya Pradesh.

ONGC has identified four prospective drilling locations based on 288-lkm of 2D which it shot, processed and interpreted itself in 2011-12. The first well, R-HAT-A, will be drilled in Phase-I, which ends in October 2015, and the remaining three wells will be drilled in Phase-II.

R-HAT-A will be drilled to 2800 metres TD to target the Rohtas, Mohana Fawn, Charkaria and Jardepahar formations. “We've applied for environmental clearance,” confirms an ONGC source.

“But it will take nine to ten months to come in. We can only begin drilling after that.

” ONGC plans to use one of its own rigs to drill one well every year. “Since we're planning only one well every year, no contractor would be ready to mobilise a rig for us,” explains ONGC.

“So we will use our own rig to drill the wells.” ONGC is encouraged by its discovery at adjacent pre-NELP block Damoh-Jabera-Katni where it found gas in all four wells drilled in 2012.

ONGC admits VN-ONN-2009/3 is a challenging asset due to the nearly 400m year old rock cover which is difficult to drill. “We plan to deploy cutting edge air-drilling, air-hammer drilling and thermo-drilling technology,” we learn.

ONGC says it will spend Rs40cr ($7m) on each well. The block lies in the Damoh and Chhattarpur district of Madhya Pradesh.

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