Anonymous letter delays IOC dir. BD appointment

Vol 17, PW 20 (22 May 14) People & Policy

A fictitious letter alleging Debasis Sen took bribes might delay his appointment as IndianOil's next director business development.

Sen was selected after PESB interviews on January 24 and is meant to take charge on June 30, when Ashok Sinha retires. But the Central Vigilance Commission (CVC) and the Comptroller & Auditor General (C&AG) are delaying Sen’s anti-corruption clearance, following a complaint made in March that he took bribes to give fast-track promotions and postings to candidates.

“Favoured officers get postings and promotions in the same department and same region to maintain their convenience,” reads the undated letter, signed allegedly by IOC officers’ association general secretary Alok Roy. “But disfavoured officers get postings in other departments, other regions and don't get promotions.

” IOC learned of the complaint when the Department of Public Enterprises wrote to IOC chief RS Butola on May 6. When informed, Roy denied writing the letter.

“I'm shocked to know someone complained against Sen using my name,” says Roy. “I never wrote this letter and I’ve sent my explanation to CAG and CVC last week.

” In general, anonymous complaints are not investigated but the vigilance department can verify facts in any allegation. "It's routine," says a ministry source.

"Complaints pour in when the PESB selects a candidate for a senior post. But rules say the CVC shouldn't heed complaints received in the six months before a selection process.


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