IndianOil joins Tata in LNG truck fuel venture

Vol 17, PW 16 (27 Mar 14) Midstream & Downstream

IndianOil has teamed up with India's largest truck maker Tata Motors to promote LNG as an alternative to diesel and CNG for trucks and heavy vehicles.

Tata unveiled the Tata Prima 4032.S LNG truck at Delhi’s Auto Expo 2014 between February 6 and 11.

“We have a working arrangement with Tata Motors," says a senior IOC source, "providing them with technical input and LNG supplies for test models. LNG fuelled trucks is a new and promising business area.

” IOC provided the stainless steel cryogenic 200-litre LNG storage tank and the dispensing nozzle fitted on the demonstration model displayed at the automobile fair in Greater Noida. On March 5, IOC made a technical presentation to the Nagpur-based Chief Controller of Explosives (CCOE) to secure permission to launch on the Indian market.

"They have given us ‘in-principle’ clearance," we hear. "But want more documents before formal approval.

” According to IOC, LNG has several advantages over CNG and diesel. For instance, CNG must be stored at 200-bar pressure and requires a heavy, mild steel tank while LNG can be stored at 5-bar pressure and requires a lighter, stainless steel tank.

One 400-litre tank of LNG will fuel a truck for 800-km, compared to 200-km for CNG and LNG comes out on top even against diesel on an energy equivalent basis. IOC sees long-haul goods trucks and intercity transport buses as its main customers for the new LNG fuel pumps.

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